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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris

Better than EnglishFirst, Berlitz, and all language schools  and TEFL in China Free - Introductory level - Advanced level

Haida offers a government approved TEFL course and certification to prospective teachers who pass the Haida assessment. This can be obtained by contacting Haida by email with your name, nationality and email address (not a google, or Hotmail address).

You will be contacted by one of our staff and an assessment form will be forwarded to you email, together with details of what to do next.

This course certificate will soon become the only accepted certification for entry into China as a teacher, it is also probably the only Certificate that guarantees a job on completion. The China TEFL certicate is not simply a third party issued certificate from an online TEFL Certificate mill, this is a recognised, government authorised certificate that carries enormous respect from schools in China and will soon become a requirement for every teacher working in China.

Those wishing to complete this course independent of signing with Haida may do so but will have to pay for the course and accommodation, or can opt for the online version, please contact Haida for details, indicating your preferences, we will arrange the necessary bank transfers accomodation etc.

What are you waiting for, contact Haida today!


Additional Teaching options

Haida believes in an ongoing program of teacher development. From the beginning teachers inexperienced in China are trained how to teach and how to fit into the educational culture in China. Teachers are encouraged to continue their development through CPD's and self study.

 Haida requires specialist teachers and coaches in all areas, including Science, Art, Dancing, Physical Education, in fact all the subjects you are likely to find at any primary, middle, or high school. Of course we also need excellent teachers in our partner Colleges and Universities, so contact us and we will find something suitable for you.

Shaolin students play football at Tagou Wushu School in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China

Football (soccer) is quickly becoming the national sport of China, students are quickly taking to this sport, Haida has several international football coaches and many sports teachers signed.

More information about the China TEFL Certificate

The TEFL in China training program is organized by the Information Research Center, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). The TEFL in China certification is authorized by the department of Cultural and Educational Experts, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), and is officially recognized throughout China.

In order to address fluctuations in supply and demand for foreign teachers in China, foreign expert status is limited to those who have two years teaching experience. The department of Cultural and Educational Experts, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) permits foreigners to teach in China, with foreign expert status, if they have taken the TEFL in China training, have obtained their certificate, and have their records on the evaluation system for foreign language experts, which is maintained by the Information Research Center, SAFEA. Of course, every applicant who would like to apply for a foreign expert certificate must have a bachelor's degree or beyond.

The TEFL training is an intensive program. The course complies with international standards. The training is designed for those who are motivated to teach English in China. The purpose of the training class is to help foreign teachers:

Teach English effectively as a foreign language in China - Understand and align their work with the Chinese education system - Adapt to Chinese culture - Adjust their teaching style according to the learning habits of Chinese students

Upon successful completion of this training and the examination, the TEFL in China Certificate will be awarded. All trainers posses degrees in education and substantial teaching experience in China. They do not limit the training to TEFL theory. Rather, they share the practical experience and offer a realistic preview of the work EFL teachers do in China.