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About Haida

Zhejiang Haida International Co., Ltd. was officially registered in December 2004 with the approval of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau, and obtained the dispatch qualification (Proxy class) certificate of foreign educational experts authorised by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Bureau. The company focuses on foreign experts dispatch, international curriculum development and Chinese-Foreign cooperation in education.

History and Future

Haida was established in 1994, formerly known as the Foreign Expert Services Department of Zhejiang Interact International Association, specialising in supplying schools with foreign education experts and subsequent post-entry service. In nearly twenty years, it has provided over 200 institutions with over 2,000 foreign experts, which has not only improved the students' comprehensive and cognitive qualities and view of international horizons, but has also greatly enhanced the teaching methods and academic content of cooperating institutions.

Haida has created a unique, high quality international curriculum system suitable for students at different learning stages, and continually improves and updates these, launching new models of Chinese-Foreign cooperative education with multiple education institutions, aiming to lay a solid foundation for domestic students to study abroad. Through our unremitting efforts, it is believed that Haida in cooperation with other major education institutions will uncover new opportunities for many in the field of international education.


  • Haida Interact International has decades of history
  • The leader of the culture and education industry for 20 years
  • Dispatched over 2,000 foreign experts
  • Reached over 250 cooperative institutions
  • More than 50,000 students have benefited from our teachers and course systems.
  • Teachers throughout China have benefited from our training
  • Teachers throughout the world take our TEFL training
  • Teachers coming to China rely on our professional support

Kevin Zhang is a graduate of Birmingham University in the UK and is now the general manager of Haida Interact International Co. Ltd..

Haida had just a handful of teachers and a few schools when Kevin took the helm around a decade ago. Since then it has expanded and grown to establish offices in all of the key cities in China, plus several overseas offices in England and the USA.