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Our core team of professionals have been with company for many years, but as Haida grows and expands, we are forever adding new members to our ranks.

We now operate from 7 office locations in China and have additional overseas offices in the UK and USA. Our administrative centre is based in Hangzhou, but as the offices grow, an increasing number of administrative burdens are placed in these satellite units and the staff gain more autonomy.

Executive Team

  Kevin Zhang - General Manager

  Wei Jinhua - Administration Director

Aimee Wang - Marketing Director

Geoff West - Training & Development Director

Miki Tang - Recruitment Director

Taylor Zhang - Recruitment Director

Frank Xia - Assistant to the General Manager


Momodo - Foreign Affairs

Jason - Logistics

Vicky - Marketing Representative

Tiffany - Marketing Representative

Olena - Curriculum Designer

Kelly - Curriculum Designer

Florence - Recruiting Assistant

Nancy - Education Councillor



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  • We value our both our full time staff and our contract teaching staff, retention is our priority.
  • We expect our staff to be warm friendly and personable.
  • We are constantly expanding and because of this we are always on the lookout for talent, why not register your interest in our company.
  • If you are an undergraduate, ask about our undergraduate teacher plan.