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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris

Staff - Team Haida

"Team Haida" consists of individual professionals, with a background in education. They are more than capable of understanding the requirements of both teachers and schools and can usually arrange a successful marriage between workplace and teacher.


Miki - Recruiter           Lisa - Senior Recruiter          Zoe Haida Recruiter       Aimee - Marketing Representative for Haida International

Pan Hui - Application Processor          Elaine - Education Councillor          Jin Dan - Receptionist         Wei Jinhua - Processing Manager

  Hua Xiang - Marketing Director         Cherry - Marketing Representative         David - Marketing Manager          Tina - Education Councillor Cady - Educational Administrator

 Rock - Haida Recruitment Manager      Olivia - Recruitment Director          Scarlet - International Liaison Manager          Dr. Geoffrey West - Training and Development Director          Kevin - CEO