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Frequently Asked Questions

Often applicants have many questions, some of the common questions and answers are listed below. If you do see a question, or wish to elaborate on one perhaps, please telephone, or send an email.

Q: Is our accomodation really free?
A: Yes, usually the school provide an apartment for you, in the event that they are unable to do so, Haida will find a suitable apartment which will be free.


Q: Are our services, such as water, gas and electricity free?
A: Probably not, but sometimes, some schools offer to pay for their teachers, but usually the teacher would be expected to pay for the services they use, the costs are very low though. Sometimes there is a property management fee in some community blocks, again this is very low...


Q: Will my apartment be western style?
A: Yes, Haida check all the apartments, both school apartments and Haida purchased apartments.


Q: Is the food safe?
A: Yes, the Chinese take great care over the quality of their food, even food from a street vendor will usually be safe, but obviously, like any other country, the responsibilty for where you buy your food rests with you. If you eat in a place that has many Chinese customers, it is almost certainly ok.


Q: Do I get paid for my holiday periods?
A: Yes, you will be paid for any designated holiday periods, you will not be paid for sick days, or for holiday periods not coverd by your working contract.


Q: Do I get paid for periods of sickness?
A: No, you will not generally be paid for sick days.


Q: What does my assurance pay for?
A: It covers any health care required whilst you are in China, most dentistry is excluded and depending on age, health etc., there is a small "threshhold" amount payable before the assurance company pays the remainder.


Q: What happens if the school thinks I am unsuitable once I am in China?
A: Haida will find another suitable position for you.


Q: Can I extend my stay at the end of the contract?
A: Yes, if you have established a good work record during your period with Haida, it will be extended if you wish.


Q: Can I leave China and return on a working Visa?
A: When your residence permit is obtained, it is possible to leave China and return during its period of validity.