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Haida - Excellence, working towards perfection...

Haida has been considered by many to have obtained excellence in the many services it provides, but Haida is not resting on its laurels and is continually striving to improve daily, in order to obtain perfection. It is understood that it is not possible to achieve perfection, but Haida does have standards in every aspect of their adminstration procedures, to enable them to get very close to this.

Haida is the premiere government authorised conduit for those wishing to enter China as a foreign teacher. Haida is able to match those wishing to teach in China with a suitable school and position, and assists with the paperwork, such as the working visa, foreign expert certificate and residence permit. Haida also arranges free accomodation and ensures it is western style and suitable for habitation. In fact it offers a problem free entrance to working in the fastest expanding country in the world.

Haida is committed to the advancement of education in China. This is done through ongoing training and support to the teaching staff and through innovative teaching techniques and the use of successful educational technologies that have been tried and tested around the world. Haida has colleagues and associates in every corner of the globe searching for excellence in education.

Haida is dedicated to not only a world class educational institution, but is striving to become the number one performer in delivering curriculums that are geared to educational excellence.  The Haida standard is not a constant, but is constantly changing and updating its techniques and training content, to ensure that the student receives the very best in educational development and that the Haida teacher recieves the training required to deliver the best possible lesson, in a way that is easily absorbed by the student.

Haida is constantly communicating with the leading educational institutions in China and around the world. Haida is in partnership with many schools around the world and is considered to be a major player when it comes to the education of both foreign and Chinese students, through its student exchange programs.

Haida has a strong core of dedicated teaching professionals and is constantly building on this firm foundation in order to surpass all expectations placed on it. The Haida office staff have also been recruited because of their educational backgrounds, education is the centre-piece and the focus of "Team Haida".

Why is Haida different?

When entering China to work as a teacher, one is faced (usually unknowingly) with two different versions of introduction possibilities, the first by an intermediary, this means that one is just introduced to a school, this ultimately means that you are "on your own" once the deal is struck.

The second is as a teacher "dispatch", this means that one actually works for the "dispatcher", basically this is pretty much the same as being a "casual relief teacher", it means that you are employed by the person responsible for introducing you to the school. This means that the introducer is responsible for your well-being and if the school decides you are unsuitable for some reason, then the introducer must find an alternative arrangement. They must also arrange healthcare etc., in other words you will have much more support.

Haida is a government authorised "dispatcher" of teachers and takes great pride in supporting its large teacher base, treating every teacher as a part of the Haida family. Spend your time teaching in China - worry-free.

Free China TEFL Course

Haida offers a free certified government approved TEFL course to teachers passing the Haida assessment. Those who pass the assessment and meet the Haida criteria have the option to come to China to complete the course in our training school and are guaranteed a suitable teaching position when certified.




One of our teachers instructs some keen learners during an open class demonstration.

Our teacher shows a class the importance of ball control during an open demonstration.

Some of teachers pick up a reward and certificate for their year of hard work and dedication to their students.