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Heaven has paradise - China has Hangzhou...

Hangzhou is located in the coastal area of eastern China, the capital of Zhejiang province. It is about an hour outside of Shanghai by train. With an area of 16,596 square kilometers and inhabited by a population of approximately 8.7 million including over 10,000 foreign residents.
Due to its subtropical monsoon climate, Hangzhou has four quite distinct seasons, with Spring and Fall drawing the most visitors from throughout China and abroad.
West Lake is the most famous natural attraction in Hangzhou as it is said to remain beautiful throughout the changing seasons. As early as in the Song dynasty, the famous poet Su Shi compared the lake to Xizi, the Chinese Cleopatra, in his famous poem, "Ripping water shimmering on sunny day; Misty mountains wonder in the rain; Plain or gaily decked out like Xizi; the West Lake is always alluring". Thus the Lake is also known as Xizi Lake, and is a sought location by newlyweds as one of the most romantic places in China.
With abundant natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage Hangzhou is one of China’s most renowned and prosperous cities for much of the last 1,000 years.

Top Stories

Students Graduation Ceremony

  • Graduation time
    Joy and Sadness

    At 10:30 in the morning yesterday, the students left  the examination rooms after the bell rang for the last optional module test later that day they became graduates.

    The students going out of the school gates were relaxed and pleased. From then on, their three years’ of life in high schools would become memories, and a broader horizon with vast opportunities would be available for them in future.

  • Cleanest city in China?
    Hangzhou Aims to be the Cleanest City in China in 2016

    Yesterday, a work promotion meeting for building “the Cleanest City in China” was convened in Hangzhou. Decision was made to organize and conduct the 7th demonstration appraisal work for building “the Cleanest City in China” and initiate the appraisal of advanced unit for Hangzhou “Rural Area Cleaning” Work, 2014.

    According to “the 2nd Five-Year Plan” for Building Hangzhou into the Cleanest City in China”, Hangzhou will be constructed into “the Cleanest City in China” as recognized at home and abroad in 2016.

    Graduation Concert