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Events are taking place at Haida all the time, the number of things they arrange sometimes makes us giddy. We can't put everything on here as events are continually coming and going. Why not give us a call, or drop and email to find out more?

Top Stories

  • 【Haida Shenzhen】Dorde and His Art Class

    As Children's Day is coming, most students are busy rehearsing for their own show. In the meantime, Teacher Dorde ( who works in Xi Wan Primary School, Bao'an, Shenzhen) decides to prepare all his students' a special present. He held an art exhibition with all the selected paintings from his students. It's my honor to be invited to attend this exhibition. I'm amazed by the creativity and colorful world contained in these paintings. 

    The variety of materials is impressive: crayons, markers, crafts, finger prints and so on. Dorde uses different ways to help student understand the beauty of art.

    Now let's get to know more about Dorde.

    --PhD of Architecture degree at the Faculty of Architecture 

    --Representative of non-governmental, non-profit organisation NOA in transformation of urban public spaces.

    --Taught FINE ART in "Peter Pan" Kindergarten 

    --Opened his own "Krokistudio" creative lab teaching highschool students about drawing, descriptive geometry, history and theor
    y of art and architecture.

    The moment the students saw their paitings in the art exhibition,they were so thrilled that they all tried to use English to talk about their work to me.

    By applying both ESA and CLIL teaching model, Haida subject teachers are doingtheir  utmost to help students improve their English as a communication tool in their creative process.

  • 【Haida Shenzhen】Javier and His Drama Class

    June 13th, 2018, Bao'an Education Bureau held an International English Teaching Forum at Bao'an Experiment School. Over 200 Chinese and Foreign teachers attended the event. Javier, Foreign Teacher from Haida was chosen by the bureau to lead an open class about picture book teaching in a creative way.

    Javier aimed at showing the following key points in his lesson--

    1.   Different techniques in classroom management to keep students focused in his class.

    2.   Using body language and different voices to help students remember the lines of the story.

    3.   Using target language in a communicative way. Focus on drama acting as well as language application.

    4.   Blackboard design in Javier's class shows teachers that, Powerpoint is not the only way to support their teaching. 

    5.   Catchy tunes to end the class, leaving students and all the audience a memory of " who's afraid of the big bad wolf'.

    The teachers and students are deeply attracted by Javier’s humorous class

    Ms Guo (Education Researcher from Shenzhen Education Bureau) highly praised the ESA structure Javier used for his class. We both believe that ESA structure is highly suitable for teaching large Chinese classes because most Chinese students are visual learners. 

    In Haida, all the new foreign teachers have to learn how to use ESA structure to plan their lesson in the induction training. We are hoping to bring the most effective structure suitable for young Chinese learners.

    【Shenzhen Haida】Unforgettable 2017-2018 meeting

    What's a school year without an end-of-term party? And what's an end-of-term reunion without sharing experience?  

    Nine months ago we all rolled our sleeves and headed towards our classrooms. Some of us faced a classroom full of students for the very first time, and their impressions are inevitably brighter than those who are about to conclude their second or third year.  

    From the moment they first face a classroom, their life will never be the same again, and every single new teacher is allowed and encouraged to hold on to their teaching style as long as it meets the company standards.  

    So yes, Haida support the diversity. Just look at us: how many bright and skillful personalities under one logo! Our observers, who joined us too, are always ready to give suggestions but the suggestions never ever undermine the importance of differences in teaching styles. 

    The  reunion is a chance to thank each other for support and collaboration, a chance to celebrate our successes, no matter how big or small. The reunion is not the end of the friendship, it is a way to reinforce it and remember what makes this year so Unforgettable. 

    Home in Chengdu · Story of Archives


    Because of love,we come;

    Because of comprehension,we love! 

    Chengdu story of Haida's foreign teachers



    Thanks to

    Chengdu Bureau of Education,

    Chengdu Archives Bureau,

    Chengdu Municipal Archives,

    Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

    Let us:

    Explore the story of Chengdu with the historical moments 

    At the event, the foreign teachers visited the large-scale archive scenario exhibition of the Chengdu Story, and experienced the wonderful cultural Chengdu. They were also invited with great interest to experience the work of file mounting and close access to the historical documents.

    Most of the foreign teachers are new to China, also new to Chengdu, they just started a brand new life here. By participating events like this, they surely can gain an insightful knowledge of Chengdu's heritage and charm, which has made them bonding to the city in the meanwhile. In their spare time, the teachers may also come up with the idea to explore more Chengdu stories.

    Wanna be a Kung Fu Master? Try to learn Tai Chi!

    Thanks to the Chinese Language Program for Foreign Talent held by the Hangzhou Binjiang District Education Bureau, our foreign teachers were invited to learn Tai Chi in Binwen Primary School on June 6th. 


    LiLi, a famous Kung Fu coach from the school, took them on a journey to explore and appreciate the rich traditions and charms of Chinese Kung Fu.


    Students of Binwen Primary School were invited to take part in performance.


    Coach Li:

    It is very important to continuously improve the body'ssensitivity,coordination and flexibility.

    According to Coach Li, teachers who joined this event were very talented, and she would really love to see more foreigners coming to learn Chinese Kung Fu and get involved in Chinese culture.


    With the thoughtful arrangement of Binjiang District Education Bureau, we are also looking forward to leading more foreign teachers into the mainstream of Hangzhou and even China.

    Love Hangzhou, love China.

Press Releases

  • In addition to our Chinese lesson program, we are now opening a "Chinese Corner" for our teachers.
  • We constantly plan events such as mountain walking and visits to places of interest..
  • We hold "teach-ins" for those who wish to observe some great teachers teach..
  • We also plan regular training sessions for new teachers and those wishing to improve.