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Events are taking place at Haida all the time, the number of things they arrange sometimes makes us giddy. We can't put everything on here as events are continually coming and going. Why not give us a call, or drop and email to find out more?

Top Stories

  • January 11th, 2019【Haida Hangzhou】2018 Haida Outstanding Foreign Teachers Awards Ceremony


    More than 100 foreign teachers and more than 20 guests from Haida’s BPO school attended the ceremony. 25 outstanding foreign teachers were awarded. They were selected from about 200 foreign teachers in Zhejiang Province. There were 5 winners for “Best New Teacher of the Year Award”, 5 winners for “Haida Friendship Award ”, 10 winners for “Top Ten Outstanding Teachers of the Year Award”, 3 winners for “Model Teacher of the Year Award” and 2 winners for “Special Contribution of the Year Award”.

    Foreign teachers were also given a perfect stage to show their talents. Songs in French, Spanish and Chinese performed by them, and the special lottery session arranged by HAIDA ignited everyone's enthusiasm!

    HAIDA will continue to serve the cooperative schools and foreign teachers with our heart and create a more magnificent future with common effort and strong passion in the upcoming new year!


  • December 21st, 2018【Haida Hangzhou】Spring Festival Couplets for New Year


    Calligraphy and Spring Festival couplets both represent Chinese traditional culture.  

    With some practice, the foreign teachers seemed very proficient in writing the Spring Festival couplets. Everyone couldn't wait to show their works.


  • December 14th, 2018【Haida Hangzhou】Singing Chinese songs

    Music has no boundaries, and this is an effective way to transmit culture. The enchanting melody of a popular classic song "Moon Represents My Heart" was turned on. The foreign teachers deeply loved its simplistic lyrics and beautiful melody. They practiced the Chinese pronunciation of the lyrics, hummed along with the melody, and finally performed the song perfectly.

  • December 9th【Haida Beijing】Warm Activity in Cold Winter——DIY Dumplings

    As a traditional Chinese delicacy, Dumpling is also known overseas. Steven was lucky enough to pick out the dumpling with the coin, which indicated good luck in the coming days.  

    The foreign teachers expressed their gratitude after participating in this activity. The activities will help them get a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture and strengthen their relationship with Haida.

  • December 5th, 2018【Haida Shenzhen】Experience of Tea Culture and Martial Art

    With the theme "a cup of Chinese tea", the cultural activity for foreign teachers in Bao'an District was held smoothly. Following the tea teacher, Haida foreign teachers enthusiastically participated in the production as well as tasting of Oolong tea and white tea. They also experienced the art of long-mouthed pot tea, Kungfu tea and Song tea. They were impressed by the unique charm of Chinese tea.

    Besides, the foreign teachers from Haida Shenzhen Branch actively participated in this month's Wushu class, and experienced the breadth and depth of Chinese Wushu.

  • December 5th, 2018【Haida Shenzhen】Dancing Activity

  • On December 5, Dancing Group of Haida Shenzhen Branch was organized to create more opportunities for foreign teachers to show their talents. Dancing was a very interesting activity, which could cultivate the body and mind, combine work and leisure, and make foreign teachers live more harmonious in China.

  • December 29th, 2018【Haida Hangzhou】 Public Class by Haida Foreign Teachers

    A tailored teaching and training activity was launched successfully in New Century Foreign Language School. Teacher Shannon’s English Demonstration Class opened the event. Appropriate to the age of students, the teacher smoothly connected the whole lesson which consisted of animation, songs, games, reading and in other ways, encouraging every student to participate in the class and to speak and answer boldly. Yu Qin, the English teaching and research leader of Hangzhou Shengli Experimental School, expressed her thoughts thoroughly and in depth after the class. She pointed out that Shannon's pronunciation was natural and of a good standard and that her teaching instructions were clear and unambiguous. She created a relaxed and lively classroom atmosphere. Students felt comfortable and could understand and give feedback well. Yu Qin praised that there’s a lot we can learn from Shannon, in particular she noted that Shannon paid close attention to every student's performance in class and was not restrained in her words of encouragement and giving a thumbs up for the children.

    Next was teacher Carlos' football lesson. The teacher organized games, competitions and sporting confrontations throughout the class in a good way, and children were immersed in the fun of football. The PE teacher Luo Guosong, a teacher and researcher of physical education in the Shangcheng district, affirmed Carlos’ class organization. The teaching from easy activities to difficult conformed to the current concept of “inclusive education” of Shangcheng sports. The localization of foreign teaching is beginning to integrate into the visualized format of Shangcheng sports: children are able to learn happily and healthily, learn to compete both in competitive sports and general learning.

    This teaching and training activity successfully built a platform for foreign teachers to communicate with each other and give mutual help. It fully underlined the exemplary performance and guiding role of Shangcheng’s excellent foreign teachers. The discussion of class teaching forms, strove to educate others how to create efficient classes and improve the teaching quality of foreign teachers. At the same time, it aimed to improve the ability of the Chinese teachers in foreign affairs to carry out their interaction of the hiring and management of foreign teachers in an orderly fashion.

  • November 21st, 2018【Haida Shenzhen】Picnic and Painting

  • Foreign teachers gathered at Lingzhi Park and held an outdoor activity combining picnic and painting. Three foreign teachers majoring in fine arts acted as teachers of all with Van Gogh's theme, and expressed the uniqueness and charm of Van Gogh's works.


  • November 17th, 2018【Haida ChenduTrip of Panda’s Culture


    Panda, which belongs to Chengdu, is China's national treasure. Gathering at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, the foreign teachers learned about the living environment and habits of pandas. They fell in love with these chubby and lovely animals, and were impressed more by Chengdu and China.

  • November 16th, 2018Haida HangzhouThe Historical and Cultural Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    In the beginning the Chinese doctors made herbal tea which is effective in clearing the throat, and let foreign teachers taste. After briefly introducing the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and conventional methods of diagnosis, the doctors led the foreign teachers to experience different ways of treatment. Those who had discomfort in their arms, neck, back and other parts of their bodies, were introduced to experience acupuncture and moxibustion and got miraculously better soon. Later the teachers also experienced the cupping, massage as well aspulse diagnosis.

    The foreign teachers were amazed at the miraculous effects of the Chinese medicine. They said that they gained greatly from this activity and they would try to get treated by Chinese medicine in the future.


  • October 22nd, 2018【Haida Hangzhou】"Autumn of Baimahu"

    The famous teaching and research activity “2018 Autumn of Bai Ma Hu ” was organized by Binjiang District Education Bureau ,Hangzhou City. Haida’s Teacher Ivana (from Hangzhou Jiangnan Experimental School) and Dremus (from Hangzhou No.2 High School Bai Ma Hu Primary School) attended this activity and presented their classes.

    Mr Dremus interacted with Grade 4 students with the topic “What did you do in the holidays” to explain the usage of past tense. Without any multimedia support, Dremus still attracted the students attention through the changing tone of his voice and with various humorous movements and gestures. He bought lots of fun in the grammar lesson.


    Ms Ivana gave a Music class. She warmed up the class with the changes of a tree going though in four seasons and interacts with the students by talking about the Autumn, which not only stimulated the students' interest and enthusiasm, but also deeply expressed the English vocabulary and sentences in the students’ minds. With the combination of English and Music, the students performed a wonderful “Autumn Song”.

    Dr. Shao Yanhong gave comments and spoke highly of these two foreign teachers at the end of the class.

  • There are many other various activities. Join us to have a great experience!

Press Releases

  • In addition to our Chinese lesson program, we are now opening a "Chinese Corner" for our teachers.
  • We constantly plan events such as mountain walking and visits to places of interest..
  • We hold "teach-ins" for those who wish to observe some great teachers teach..
  • We also plan regular training sessions for new teachers and those wishing to improve.