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Haida is probably the largest dispatcher of foreign experts in China, but also performs many other services to the education industry. Many schools rely on Haida to deal with their curriculum planning, book purchases and many other everyday chores.

Haida engages and dispatches professional teachers for all subjects.
Haida locates the right teacher for the job.

Sports teachers and coaches are supplied to schools all over China.
Haida engages and dispatches world class teachers and professional coaches. Haida also hosts and sponsors major sporting events.


Additional thoughts

  • If your school is in need of a specialist teacher, or sports coach, Haida is the perfect answer.
  • If you are a teaching professional, why not see if Haida has a place for you?.
  • Haida provides many other services, speak to us about your requirements.
  • Teacher training is a key feature of our services, we are happy to talk in detail about this service to you..