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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris

Evaluation System

Recruitment and Selection
Education institution signs "Cooperation Agreement of Teacher Dispatch" with Haida  and fills in Foreign Teachers Requirement Information Table. Then Haida screens  out the suitable teacher according to the institution's requirements, and arranges an interview between them.

Certificate and Connection
Haida will supply assistance to foreign teachers in their entry procedures. Haida also makes arrangements for their airport pickup, health examination, insurance purchase and other essentials. In addition, Haida offers assistance in the application of the foreign expert certification, as well as working and residence permits.

Training and Guidance
Haida provides online and offline training programs for foreign teachers, and regularly holds teaching seminars to discuss and settle problems relating to teaching affairs and extracurricular issues, as well as to share teaching experiences with each other. Haida also provides free "China TEFL" training and arranges free examination for teachers who are signed with them.

Follow-up Services
Haida's teaching coordinators will regularly visit cooperative institutions to know better about the teaching performance of the foreign teachers. The logistics department will organise various activities on a regular basis to enrich the foreign teacher's leisure life.

Teacher Training Program
Teachers need guidance, support and curricular resources to be effective in the classroom and to reach their potential. With our online curriculum management system, Haida provides everything that a teacher could need. Teachers are placed in an education setting where they can impact students' lives, and are then given teaching materials and guidance on the course's syllabus. Teachers can express their style and creativity as long as the course's main objectives are being achieved. During the course of their contract with Haida, they will participate in a non-intensive online teacher training program. The Haida Teacher Trainers will follow-up with teachers throughout the school year to see if they need support with any issue.



Complete service system
Haida has established a complete comprehensive dispatch system, involving recruitment, training, service and management. A no-fuss approach with customer focus, ensures a total satisfaction exp[erience.

Excellent staff
Our company is staffed by professional and experienced Chinese and foreign workers with a rich experience in an intercultural communication and management environment.

Abundant services
We provide package services relating to international education, including the recruitment of foreign teachers and experts, Chinese-foreign cooperation education, consultation and an application service for foreign study.

Perfect service network
Haida cooperates with human resources companies and universities in many English-speaking countries, which guarantees us trustworthy foreign teacher sources. Haida has stable business channels with cooperative foreign institutions.

Convenient network platform
Haida has two online service platforms, which are and, responsible for releasing the information of foreign teachers teaching in China.

A firm commitment
Professional service, competitive price, high quality and committed integrity, are key to Haida Interact International.

A tailor made curriculum
From English to Physics, from History to Football, Haida has built curriculums that empower teachers to focus on what they do best: inspiring young minds and broadening their horizons